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Biomedicine, sometimes biomedical science, is clinical medicine based on the principles of the natural sciences such as biology and biochemistry. It is a base for academic research and innovation in biomedical information, medical imaging technology, gene chips, nanotechnology and new materials. Biomedicine plays a vital role in promoting the advancement of human medicine. The unique structure of ionic liquids endows them many excellent properties such as nonflammability, biocompatibility, environmental friendliness, structural tunability, and good solubility. Due to these unique properties, ionic liquids are considered as ideal biomedical materials and show great promise for applications in the biomedical field.

Use Ionic Liquids to Accelerate Your Study in Biomedicine

Ionic liquids have a number of properties that make them desirable for use in biomedical applications including drug delivery and bioimaging. With in-depth knowledge of biomedicine theory and advanced ionic liquids technology, Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide effective solutions for pharmaceutical companies, as well as academia and government agencies.

Alfa Chemistry can provide solutions for the research of ionic liquids in the following biomedical fields:

Drug Delivery

Many poorly water-soluble drugs are plagued with poor bioavailability and delivery problems. In existing solutions, large amounts of organic solvents are often used to facilitate the delivery of these drugs. However, this can cause significant human health and environmental pollution concerns. Ionic liquids, as a green and tailorable solvent, can improve drug delivery by increasing the solubility and permeability of drug substances. Alfa Chemistry focuses on the research of ionic liquids and provides a variety of support for drug delivery research projects.


Bioimaging is an important technique to obtain microstructure images of cells and tissues, which plays a crucial role in disease diagnosis. Ionic liquids have favorable biocompatibility and tunable structural properties, which can be used as precursors, solvents, stabilizers and modifiers to prepare various fluorescent probes, thus improving the performance of fluorescent probe materials in their bioimaging applications. Alfa Chemistry focuses on the research of ionic liquids and provides a variety of support for bioimaging research projects.

Alfa Chemistry Provides You with a Comprehensive Solution

Alfa Chemistry is committed to supporting customers in biomedical research through an appropriate ionic liquid solution, including drug delivery and bioimaging. Alfa Chemistry has an experienced and professional R&D team, which can provide an optimal solution according to customer's detailed requirements to help customers reduce capital and time costs.

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