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Analytical Chemistry


Analytical chemistry is the subdivision of chemistry whose main task is the qualitative and quantitative determination of chemical components of substances. It has a wide range of applications from routine quality control in industrial settings to cutting edge chemical research in development of new compounds. Monitoring pollution in the environment, developing new materials, drug manufacture, and even forensic science all make use of techniques and methods developed in analytical chemistry. Ionic liquids have been widely studied in the field of analytical chemistry due to their unique properties, such as negligible vapor pressure, non-flammability, excellent thermal stability, tunable viscosity and miscibility with water and organic solvents, as well as good extractability for a variety of organic compounds and metal ions.

Analytical Chemistry

Accelerate Research and Practice of Ionic Liquids in Analytical Chemistry

Chromatographic analysis is a common application of ionic liquids in analytical chemistry. Compared with other organic reagents, ionic liquids have a relatively low vapor pressure, which make them ideal stationary phases with better resolution in gas chromatography (GC). They exhibit a dual nature, i.e., they are capable of separating polar compounds as if they are polar stationary phases and non-polar compounds as if they are non-polar stationary phases when used as stationary phases in GC. Furthermore, ionic liquids can also be used as mobile phases, mobile phase modifiers and stationary phases in liquid chromatography to improve the separation effect.

Schematic of ionic liquids as stationary phases for chromatographic separation.Figure 1. Schematic of ionic liquids as stationary phases for chromatographic separation.

In addition to chromatographic analysis, the applications of ionic liquids in analytical chemistry include sample preparation, capillary electrophoretic separation and detection due to their unique physicochemical properties.

Solutions for Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is of great importance for both scientific research and industrial applications. Only if perfect analytical methods are used, can high-quality products be produced. Ionic liquids play a vital role in sample preparation, chromatographic/capillary electrophoretic separation and detection due to their excellent properties. With in-depth knowledge of analytical chemistry and advanced ionic liquid technology, Alfa Chemistry has the ability to provide effective solutions to a variety of problems encountered in the application of ionic liquids in analytical chemistry.

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Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

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