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Design of Functional Ionic Liquids


Ionic liquids are liquid state at or near room temperature, which is also known as cryogenic molten salts. As ionic compounds, the asymmetry of some substituents in their structures prevents the ions from accumulating into crystals regularly, which is the main reason for the low melting point of ionic liquids. Generally, organic cations and inorganic or organic anions are components of ionic liquids. In order to meet different use requirements, it is often necessary to design the anions and cations of ionic liquids to obtain customized functional ionic liquids. For researchers, good experimental results can be obtained by using customized functional ionic liquids. For industrial production, the use of customized functional ionic liquids can make products more creative and high quality, and then improve competitiveness. Alfa Chemistry is a company specializing in the design of functional ionic liquids. Moreover, Alfa Chemistry has a professional technical team and a large number of authorized patents. Therefore, Alfa Chemistry can design functional ionic liquids according to customer needs to meet the individual needs.


Alfa Chemistry can design many types of functional ionic liquids, as illustrated below.

  • Pyridinium-based ionic liquids: When the organic cation that constitutes an ionic liquid is a pyridine group, it is called a pyridinium-based ionic liquid. The general structure formula of the pyridinium-based ionic liquid is shown in Figure 1. R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 in the structural formula can be hydrogen, acyl, alkyl, benzyl, ester and others, which can be the same or different. The substituent group R is usually an alkyl chain. Moreover, the anion Y- can be trifluoroacetate, trichloroacetate, tetrafluoroborate, perchlorate, acetate and others.
  • The general structural formula of pyridinium-based ionic liquid.Figure 1. The general structural formula of pyridinium-based ionic liquid.

  • Polymeric ionic liquids: Polymeric ionic liquids are polymers that contain at least one ionic center on a polymer chain and the repeating units are structured like those of common ionic liquids. Polymeric ionic liquids are a kind of functional polymer materials that combine the properties of polymer and ionic liquid. Moreover, polymeric ionic liquids can be used as ion conductors, stabilizers, catalysts and others.
  • DABCO-based ionic liquids: DABCO is an important class of organic bases, ionic liquids designed with which as a primary raw material are called DABCO-based ionic liquids. The general structure of DABCO-based ionic liquid is shown in Figure 2. DABCO-based ionic liquids are mainly used in some chemical reactions or in the preparation of certain substances including Michael addition reaction, Knoevenagel condensation reaction, Baylis-Hillman reaction and others.
  • The general structural formula of pyridinium-based ionic liquid.Figure 2. The general structure of DABCO-based ionic liquid.

  • Others: In addition to the above mentioned, Alfa Chemistry can also design many other types of functional ionic liquids, including fluorescent ionic liquids, chiral ionic liquids, ammonium-based ionic liquids and others.

Why choose Alfa Chemistry?

Alfa Chemistry is one of the largest companies offering designs for functional ionic liquids. The service of Alfa Chemistry in the world is synonymous with reliability and excellent quality. The service concept of Alfa Chemistry is to meet all the needs of customers, customers can trustingly put forward the needs, our professional research and development team will provide you with customized solutions.

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