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Customized Service of Polymeric Ionic Liquids


Customized Service of Polymeric Ionic Liquids

In contrast to ionic liquids monomer, polymeric ionic liquids with the polymer structure are designable and processable. In addition, polymeric ionic liquids have enhanced stability, flexible and durability. Therefore, polymeric ionic liquids have shown considerable promise in a wide range of applications, such as gas adsorption separation, electrochemistry, nano composite materials, catalysts, and biotechnology. Polymeric ionic liquids with different properties and uses can be synthesized by selecting appropriate monomers and corresponding polymerization methods. Although there have been significant advances in the development of polymeric ionic liquids, there is still a need to continually design and develop new polymeric ionic liquids to meet the growing demand for innovation.

As one of the customized service providers for polymeric ionic liquids, Alfa Chemistry focuses on the discovery, optimization and design of polymeric ionic liquids. We can provide a variety of polymeric ionic liquids by taking advantage of the designability to meet client needs.

Our Synthesis Techniques

Alfa Chemistry can synthesize polymeric ionic liquids by appropriate approaches according to your needs. Our synthesis techniques for polymeric ionic liquids include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Anion-Exchange Reaction
  • In Situ Polymerization
  • Dispersion Polymerization
  • Cyclization Polymerization
  • Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP)
  • Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization (ROMP)
  • Reversible-Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization (RAFT)

Our Service Scope

Over the years of research in polymeric ionic liquids, Alfa Chemistry's professional and experienced experts can meet the challenges of most custom synthesis problems, we can design and synthesize high quality polymeric ionic liquids according to your needs.

Our custom synthesis service scope include, but are not limited to, the following.

Customized Service of Polymeric Ionic Liquids

  • Polycationic type ionic liquids (such as imidazole polymeric ionic liquids, pyridine polymeric ionic liquids, quaternary ammonium polymeric ionic liquids, quaternary phosphonium polymeric ionic liquids, pyrrolidine polymeric ionic liquids, guanidine polymeric ionic liquids, and many others.)
  • Polyanion type ionic liquids (such as halides polymeric ionic liquids, mineral acid polymeric ionic liquids, polyatomic inorganics polymeric ionic liquids, metal oxide clusters polymeric ionic liquids, imine polymeric ionic liquids, and many others.)
  • Inner salt type polymeric ionic liquids

Our Advantages

  • We stock a variety of high-quality raw materials to ensure that the project is completed quickly.
  • Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and analytical instrument to ensure accurate and reliable data.
  • Our R&D team consists of highly skilled experts to ensure the delivery of high quality products within the promised time.
  • Our experts have extensive experience in the synthesis of polymeric ionic liquids and can effectively help you solve the synthesis problem.

Ordering Process

Ordering Process

  • Consultation: Customers come up with their own needs and requirements.
  • Preliminary Negotiation: We evaluate product requirements based on experience and ability and formulate initial project plans.
  • Order Confirmation: After confirmed the initial project plans, signs the formal contract and pays the payment.
  • Lab Synthesis: We shall conduct lab synthesis and production according to plan confirmed by both parties, and provide qualified products within the specified time and corresponding data and reports.
  • Customer Confirmation: Send accurate experimental results to customers for confirmation.
  • Packing Shipment: After completing the previous step, we will deliver the products to the designated delivery place in the fastest speed and safest way.

Alfa Chemistry has considerable experience in the synthesis of polymeric ionic liquids. Our lab is the trusted source for on-time, accurate, and trustworthy data. We look forward to maintaining a harmonious, long-term and win-win cooperative relationship with you.

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.