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Customized Service of Ionic Liquids


Ionic liquid is a liquid material composed of anions and cations. In general, cations are larger in volume and anions are smaller in volume, which creates an asymmetry in molecular structure. Moreover, it is due to the volume asymmetry of cations and anions that ionic liquids appear liquid at or near room temperature. Ionic liquids have many advantages such as good stability, wide electrochemical window, no pollution and others. With the increase of attention to ionic liquids, the requirements for the structure and performance of ionic liquids are more and more customized. Therefore, ionic liquid customized service is necessary. Alfa Chemistry is a company specializing in customized service of ionic liquids, which has the world's leading testing equipment. Furthermore, Alfa Chemistry has a high-quality research and development team. Alfa Chemistry has been deeply engaged in the field of customized service of ionic liquids for many years and has rich experience. According to the application fields of ionic liquids, Alfa Chemistry can provide professional advice in the process of providing customized services.


Alfa Chemistry can provide customized service of ionic liquids for many fields.

  • Solar cell field: Alfa Chemistry can provide customized service of ionic liquids for solar cell filed. Ionic liquids can be used as liquid electrolyte and solid electrolyte for solar cell and many existing problems are promisingly to be resolved. For example, the problem of volatilization of organic solvent can be solved by substituting ionic liquid for electrolyte system. In addition, ionic liquid, as liquid electrolyte of dye-sensitized cell, can also improve the conversion efficiency of the cell.
  • Super-capacitors field: Alfa Chemistry can provide customized service of ionic liquids for super-capacitors filed. Due to its good stability, wide electrochemical window and no pollution, ionic liquid has been widely used in the field of super-capacitors. It can replace traditional electrolytes to prepare liquid electrolyte or polymer solid electrolyte to improve the performance of super-capacitors.
  • Chemical reactions field: Alfa Chemistry can provide customized service of ionic liquids for chemical reactions. For example, ionic liquids are recyclable and harmless to the environment, which are ideal solvents for chemical reactions. Moreover, the reaction rate can be increased by customizing ionic liquids to act as catalysts. Furthermore, ionic liquids play an important role in the post-processing of the products of chemical reactions.
  • Others: In addition to the fields mentioned above, ionic liquids can also be used in other fields, including lithium ion batteries, fuel cells and others.

Service process:

  • First, you can call our dedicated customer service hotline to inform our customer service staff of your requirements.
  • Second, the customer service staff will send your requirements to the professional technical team, and the technical staff will contact you.
  • Third, according to your requirements the technical team will develop technical solutions and communicate with you again.
  • Fourthly, the technical team will prepare the product after the technical scheme is determined.
  • Fifth, send the product to your address.
  • Sixth, we will keep in touch with you for continuous product improvement.

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