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Custom Synthesis of Ionic Liquids


Ionic liquids usually consist of an organic cation and an inorganic or organic anion. Typically, the cations are larger in volume and the anions are smaller, which results in an asymmetry in the molecular structure. On account of the volume asymmetry of the cations and anions, ionic liquids appear as liquids at or near room temperature. Furthermore, the polarity and hydrophilic/hydrophobicity of ionic liquids can be adjusted by the appropriate combination of cations and anions. It is this property of ionic liquids that has earned them the reputation of being "designer solvents".

To date, approximately 103 different ionic liquids are known from the literature, of which only 1/3 are commercially available. However, as the interest in ionic liquids has increased, the requirements for their structure and performance have become more customized. The existing ionic liquid products can hardly meet the needs of various technical applications as well as industrial and academic research. Therefore, custom synthesis services for ionic liquids are necessary. Alfa Chemistry has been deeply engaged in the field of ionic liquids for many years, and has a wealth of experience in providing custom synthesis of ionic liquids for our customers.

Custom Synthesis of Ionic Liquids

What We Offer

We are capable of developing and synthesizing new, commercially unavailable ionic liquids for specific application systems. In the process of providing customized services, we will provide expert advice based on the application area of the ionic liquid. In terms of confidentiality, we are always prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance. We offer custom synthesis of ionic liquids including, but not limited to, the following types:

Why Choose Us

Alfa Chemistry is a company specializing in custom synthesis of ionic liquids with world leading testing equipment. Our team of experienced researchers is able to conceptualize, design and custom synthesize custom ionic liquids according to your requirements. Our extensive expertise and robust manufacturing processes allow us to realize virtually unlimited combinations of cations and anions. If you are interested in custom synthesis of ionic liquids, please contact us. We are very experienced!

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.