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Analysis and Testing of Ionic Liquids


Analysis and testing can help us to determine whether the quality of the product meets the specific requirements. Alfa Chemistry has a dedicated team composed of highly skilled Ph.D. and M.S. synthetic chemists. The entire team has a wide experience in the analysis and testing of ionic liquids. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and analytical instrument to ensure that accurate and reliable test results are obtained within the promised time.

Analysis and Testing of Ionic Liquids

Basic Property Tests of Ionic Liquids

Basic property tests not only play a very important role in helping us determine whether the product quality is qualified, but also can guide us to further expand the application field of ionic liquids. Alfa Chemistry can provide the service for you.

Analysis and Testing of Ionic Liquids

Structural Analysis of Ionic Liquids

Structural analysis can help us predict macroscopic properties of ionic liquids, and further guide us in the design and synthesis of ionic liquids with special properties and functions. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the structure of ionic liquids.

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